Jun 26 2010 - Mike Pegher Wins FASTRAK Northeast Touring Show at Roaring Knob

MARKLEYSBURG, PA (June 26, 2010) The Super Late Models had the night off as the FASTRAK Northeast Touring Series made a visit to Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex. A wild night of racing saw Mike Pegher, Jr. take his eighth win of the season. Marty Spade, Jr. (TC Race Car Parts Charger), Vic Vandergrift ( Melvin's Automatic Transmission Center Modified) and Todd Dennis ( Bobby Lake Motorsports Street Stock) all picked up repeat wins.

The 15-lap Bobby Lake Motorsports Street Stock feature saw three leaders before Todd Dennis grabbed his fourth feature win this season. Scott Spade led lap one before Bob Nelson took over the top spot. Nelson led until lap six when Dennis blew by. Dennis then had his hands full holding off Jimmy Bendishaw, Jr. for the win. Bob Nelson, Mike Duritsky and Ryan Newman (in his dad's #38) were the top five. Sixth through tenth were Chris Lucy, Joe Wrona, Chuck Bloom, John Redshaw and Scott Spade. Bendishaw and Spade were the heat winners.

A wild finish in the 12-lap TC Race Car Parts Charger main saw Farmington's Marty Spade, Jr. pickup his third win of the season. Kyle Burkholder led the first two laps before Spade passed his. A restart on lap nine saw Spade not getting up to speed and Burkholder blew by. Spade then chased Burkholder down and made the winning pass in turn four coming down for the checkered flag. Burkholder was second ahead of his brother Kenny Burkholder, Justin Howell and JT Baird. Eric Miller, Buzz Coddington, Bennie Dennis, Jim Lazaran and CJ Nicola filled out the top ten. Spade and Kyle Burkholder took heat wins.

Mike Pegher, Jr. took the lead from his pole starting spot. Pegher pulled away from Butch Lambert as the race went 21 laps before the first accident. Steve Dixon rode the turn four wall before he rolled over on his top bringing out the red. Dixon was okay. Racing resumed with just four laps to go and once again Pegher led the way. Two laps later another red flag flew when Dan Angelicchio spun to avoid another car and flipped when he was hit by another car. Angelicchio climbed out okay. The final two laps went off without a hitch with Pegher claiming the the win over Lambert, Cody Hardesty (from 13th), Max Blair (from 10th) and Gary Knollinger. Rick Meglaye, Andrew Wylie, Bud Watson, Rick Strickler and Bobby Cossell were the top ten. Taking the three heat wins were Cossell, Wylie and Meglaye.

Fairmont, WV's Vic Vandergrift took the lead from Brent Trimble on lap four and went on to claim his fifth 15-lap Melvin's Automatic Transmission Center Modified feature this season. Phil Jeffries, making his first Knob start, was second followed by Louie Krushansky, Bobby Bennett, Deana Groves, Bruce Dreistadt, Nathan Baker, Willy Briggs, Brent Trimble and Josh Cramer. Jeffries and Bennett took the heat wins.

Coming up on Saturday, July 3 is our huge Fireworks display. Super Late Models, FASTRAK Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks and Charger will be on the card. Joining our five division will be the Classic Cars, a Stock 4 Cylinder feature and a Demo Derby. Miss Motorsports will be on hand signing autographs.

Brooks Automotive Group FASTRAK Late Models: Mike Pegher, Jr., Butch Lambert, Cody Hardesty, Max Blair, Gary Knollinger, Ricky Meglaye, Andrew Wylie, Bud Watson, Rick Strickler, Bobby Cossell, Kyle Lukon, Josh Holtgraver, Derek Doll, Dusty Hamrick, John Over, Troy Shields, Joe Martin, Dan Karalagas, Russell Baird, Jr., Dan Angelicchio, Mike Howell, Garry Sisson, Steve Dixon, Mike Lewis, DNS: Jayme Beck

Melvin's Automatic Transmission Center Modifieds: Vic Vandergrift, Phil Jeffries, Louie Krushansky, Bobby Bennett, Deana Groves, Bruce Dreistadt, Nathan Baker, Willy Briggs, Brent Trimble, Josh Cramer, Nick Cramer

Bobby Lake Motorsports Street Stocks: Todd Dennis, Jimmy Bendishaw, Jr., Bob Nelson, Mike Duritsky, Ryan Newman, Chris Lucy, Joe Wrona, Chuck Bloom, John Redshaw, Scott Spade



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