May 12 2013 - Hardesty, McClelland, Trimble, Kelley, Burkholder, and Pluta - Winners on Saturday

Markleysburg, PA  (May 11, 2013)

Five of the six feature winners on Saturday night at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex were new to victory lane in 2013.  Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Super Late Models  Cody Hardesty , Emods –Brent Trimble, Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks -Joe Kelley , Fort Necessity Garage Chargers –Kyle Burkholder, and Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners –Andrew Pluta.  Chad McClelland picked up his second win of the season in the High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Late Models.

The Rush Late Models were up first and the fans were excited as the top four cars battled for the lead.  John Over appeared to be gaining on leader McClelland each lap but he just could not pull off the pass.  The top five wereChad McClelland ,John Over , Rick Strickler, Troy Shields , and Ken Herman.  Heat winners were McClelland and Over.

Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks never disappoint and tonight was no different.  Joe Kelley in the #66 was the class of the field but Todd Dennis driving the Scott Bittinger machine was running him down late in the race after starting 4th.  Dennis was out for the first time in 2013 after having shoulder surgery early this year.  Following the front two were Bob Nelson, Jason Gibbs and Jimmy Iser.  Heat wins went to Mike Duritsky and Nelson. 

Cody Hardesty made winning the Super Late Model feature look easy but he didn’t realize how hard Billy Holbert tried to take the lead away each lap.  After starting 4th and 6th respectively, the two drivers battled for the full 25 lap feature.  At the line it was Hardesty, Holbert, John Garvin, Tim Senic, and Tyler Hershey.  Garvin and Hardesty picked up heat wins. 

Kyle Burkholder gave his mom, Robin, a “Night Before Mother’s Day Win” as he won the Charger feature.  Following Burkholder were John Redshaw, Eric Miller, Tanner Hauger, and Allan Fortney.  Burkholder also won the heat race. 

Brent Trimble made his first visit to Roaring Knob this year and ran away with the heat and feature wins.  Deana Groves was trying to run Trimble down but had mechanical problems mid-way through the race.  Dennis Perigo, Rich Curry, Denny Nakutis, and Nick Cramer rounded out the top five. 

The largest field of cars were the Roadrunners with 16 cars taking the green flag.  Andrew Pluta made his first visit of the year count as he went on to victory over Paul Koffler Jr., Mark Seiler, Steve Settle and Steve Frazier.  Heats went to Pluta and David Friend. 

The first Powder Puff of 2013 was held in honor of Mother’s Day.  Winners were Stacey Tressler in Street Stocks, Barb Naratka in Chargers and Rebecca Leonard in Roadrunners. 

Visit our website to keep abreast of all the upcoming events at Roaring Knob  -  Next week Roaring Knob will again present racing in 6 divisions - Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Super Late Models  High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Late Models- Emods - Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks- Fort Necessity Garage Chargers- Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners.  Saturday night, May 25 will be an off night for regular racing but Roaring Knob will present  truck and tractor pulls by FULL PULL PRODUCTIONS.  Visit their website for information at


Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Super Late Models  1.  Cody Hardesty  2. Billy Holbert  3. John Garvin  4.  Tim Senic  5.  Tyler Hershey   6. Bob Gordon   7.  Matt Cosner   8.  Greg Gellner   9, Joe Krcelich   10.  L C Powers  11. Bob Hershman   12  Scott Rhodes    (Heats  Garvin and Hardesty)


High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Late Models – 1. Chad McClelland  2.  John Over  3.  Rick Strickler  4.  Troy Shields   5. Ken Herman   6.  Nico Dabecco   7. Garrett Shepherd   8. Vince Masi   9.  Andy Spooner   10.  Jennae Piper   11. Michael Lake    (Heats – McClelland and Over)


Emods – 1. Brent Trimble  2. Dennis Perigo   3. Rich Curry  4 Denny Nakutis   5  Nick Cramer  6. Larry Atha   7. Deana Groves  8. Josh Cramer  9.  Ron Howard     (Heat – Trimble)


Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks – 1. Joe Kelley   2. Todd Dennis   3. Bob Nelson   4. Jason Gibbs  5. Jimmy Iser  6.  Jim Byers(Kevin Collins car)  7 Barry Faris   8, Mike Duritsky   9.  Josh Bendishaw  10.  Jim Byers DNS  11. Michael Duritsky DNS   (Heats – Duritsky  and Nelson)


Fort Necessity Garage Chargers – 1. Kyle Burkholder  2. John Redshaw  3.  Eric Miller, 4.  Tanner Hauger   5. Allen Fortney   6.  Dan Chesney   7.  Cody Colflesh   8.  Kenny Burkholder DNS   9.  Charlie Bittinger DNS   (Heat – Burkholder)


Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners – 1.  Andrew Pluta   2. Paul Koffler, Jr.  3.  Mark Seiler  4.  Steve Settle   5.  Steve Frazier   6.  Cindy Rhodes   7.  Nick Zborovorcik   8.  Dustin Drake   9.  Todd Detrick  10.  Ryan Peer   11. Scott Critchfield   12  David Friend   13.  Steve Riggleman   14.  Dustin Detrick   15.  Jim Tush   16.  Marissa Davis   (Heats – Pluta and Friend)


Powder Puff     Street Stocks – Stacey Tressler     Chargers – Barb Neratka, Christine Murphy, and Sis Nicola   Roadrunners – Rebecca Leonard and Tammy Miller

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