May 18 (Markleysburg, PA)   Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex




                Mother Nature tried her best to ruin racing at Roaring Knob on Saturday night, but promoter, Rick Jones was determined to give drivers and fans a night of good racing.  It sprinkled on and off throughout the afternoon and evening until racing began and it started to rain again during the last feature event.  Winners on the wet night were Billy Holbert(Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Super Late Models), Ryan Montgomery(High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Late Models), Deana Groves ( Emods), Scott Spade(Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks), J T Baird (Fort Necessity Garage Chargers), and Jarred Barclay(Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners). 

                First up were the Chargers which saw JT Baird start from pole and lead most of the race.  His only competition was Kenny Burkholder who led 1 lap of the 12 lap event. Baird picked up his second win of the year with Burkholder, Cody Colflesh, Shawn Smith and Justin Howell rounding out the top five.  Heat winners were Burkholder and Baird.

                Deana Groves grabbed her second win of the year in the Emods. The last few laps were not easy with Brent Trimble chasing her and pulling alongside at one point running door to door for a couple of laps.  Denny Nakutis, Bill Yohe, and Nick Wilson followed at the line.  Groves also won the heat.

                Billy Holbert was the class of the super late model field by winning the feature and one of the heat races.  Mason Zeigler started seventh and ran Holbert down midway through the race.  In the final few laps he made several tries to pass but couldn’t make them stick and had to settle for second Zeigler also won the second heat.  At the finish it was Holbert, Zeigler, Jared Hawkins, Scott Rhodes, and Tim Senic. 

                Jarred Barclay grabbed his first win of the year in the Roadrunners by running away from the entire field. The best race was for second spot as they ran 3 wide for several laps.  He was followed across the line by Steve Frazier. Mark Seiler. Dave Friend, and Paul Koffler, Jr.  Heat wins went to Friend and Barclay.

                The RUSH Crate Late Models were trying to beat the rains and put on a great show.  Dan Angelicchio led the first half of the race but Ryan Montgomery who had started 7th was slowly making his way to the front.  He finally got Angelicchio in his sights and worked his way past as they were lapping cars.  Montgomery picked up his second win of the year followed by Angelicchio, John Over, Russell Baird, and Troy Shields.  Montgomery and Michael Lake were heat winners.

                As the rain began to move in, the street stocks came onto the track to run their feature.  But, Mother Nature held off until the checkered flew with  Scott Spade leading the entire race followed by Jason Gibbs, Michael Duritsky, Jim Sayler, and Scott Bowman.  Spade and Bob Nelson took heat wins. 

                Next Saturday, May 25, is an “OFF NIGHT” for racing, but Roaring Knob will be presenting something new to the fans.  FULL PULL PRODUCTIONS will feature a truck and tractor pull.  Visit their website for  all types of information about their event.

                Then on Saturday, June 1, regular racing will return with RUSH Late Models, Emods, Street Stocks, Chargers, and Roadrunners.  The Super Late Models will be off that night as they will run on Monday, June 3 as part of the Appalachian Mountain Speedweek along with the RUSH late models.  Visit our website for all the upcoming events at Roaring Knob


Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Super Late Models 1. Billy Holbert 2. Mason Zeigler, 3, Jared Hawkins, 4, Scott Rhodes, 5, Tim Senic, 6. Tyler Hershey.7. Bob Gordon   8.  Matt Sponaugle  9. Brandon Delano, 10. Matt Cosner  11.  Bob Hershman  12, LC Powers, 13  Jim Pyles,  14. Mark Booth.  15. DNS Joe Krcelich

High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Late Models 1 Ryan Montgomery 2. Dan Angelicchio  3. John Over,  4.  Russell Baird,  5 Troy Shields, 6  Ken Herman  7 Rick Strickler  8. Michael Lake  9. Garrett Shepherd  10, Greg Hauger  11. Ben Policz  12.  Vince Masi  13  Jennae Piper  14  Dylan Lewis  15  Jeff Compton

Emods -1 Deana Groves  2. Brent Trimble  3. Denny Nakutis  4  Bill Yohe  5.  Nick Wilson  6  Larry Atha  7.  Ronnie Howard

Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks 1. Scott Spade  2. Jason Gibbs, 3. Michael Duritsky  4.  Jim Sayler  5. Scott Bowman  6 Greg Cornell  7 Bob Nelson  8  Jim Byers  9 Barry Faris  10  Josh Bendishaw  11  Buddy Fickes  12  Ryan Newman  13  Marty Spade  14  Herb Karlinsky  DNS Steve Settle and Todd Dennis

Fort Necessity Garage Chargers 1. J T Baird 2, Kenny Burkholder  3. Cody Coleflesh  4. Shawn Smith  5 Justin Howell  6  Brad Nesline  7. Kyle Burkholder  8.  Tanner Hauger  9.  Dan Chesney  10  Eric Miller  11 Terry Mitchell  12  CJ Nicola

Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners  1.  Jarred Barclay  2.  Steve Frazier  3  Mark Seiler  4  Dave Friend  5.  Paul Koffler, Jr.  6.  Justin Hornick  7.  Todd Detrick  8,  Steve Riggleman  9.  Marissa Davis   10  Cindy Rhodes  11. Dustin Detrick 




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