(Markleysburg, PA)-There was a youth movement at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex, Saturday.

The RUSH Late Model division honored the late-Robert “Sprout” Cossell with Twin 15-lap memorial races, and the two winners served notice that the future of the sport may be in good hands. Twelve-year- old Michael Lake, of Uniontown, PA, led flag-to-flag to claim his second victory of 2013 at the Knob and his third victory of the season within the region. Not to be outdone, 16-year-old Dylan Lewis, of Oakland, MD, led the entire distance in the second event to score his career-first victory.

Earlier in the season, Lake claimed his career-first victory, and he dedicated the win to Cossell. Once again, he dedicated his win to Cossell, whose wife, Lori, presented him the winner’s trophy in Victory Lane. Cossell’s wife was present to award the hardware to Lewis, later in the evening. “I’m just speechless,” said Lewis. “I can’t believe it.”

Lake held off Stoystown, PA’s Chad McClellan to claim the first RUSH Late Model event in his No. 27 Warrior chassis. McClellan settled for second. Uniontown’s John Over finished third and Connellsville, PA’s Ken Herman took fourth. Morgantown, WV’s Louie Krushansky rounded out the top five. An invert of the top-15 finishers put Lewis out front to begin the second race. Lewis, like Lake, moved out to a hefty advantage during the race. Late in the event, however, Youngwood, PA’s Rick Meglaye made a late charge at Lewis. It was not enough, however, as Lewis roared to the checkered flag first. Meglaye took second, and Keyser’s Bob Gordon finished third. Mt. Morris, PA’s Greg Lemley, who was making his first start of the year at the Knob, took fourth, and points leader, Troy Shields of Acme, PA, claimed fifth.

McClellan and Herman won the event’s heat races, earlier in the evening.

Twenty-two Super Late Model competitors took the green and Fairmont, WV’s Billy Holbert was the class of the field. Holbert, the defending track champion, led the entire distance in his No. 7 Rocket chassis to win his fourth race of the season at Roaring Knob and his fifth, overall, of the racing season. “The car was really hooked up, tonight,” said Holbert. “I’m glad to be back on top of the win column,” he added. Holbert was tied with Cody Hardesty with three wins, apiece, prior to Saturday’s event.

Keyser’s Bob Gordon drove a very strong race to finish second. Likewise, Shane Hitt, of Buckhannon, WV, had one of his best races of the season to finish third. Stoystown’s Ron Delano, Jr., crossed the line in fourth, and Somerset, PA’s Scott Rhodes rounded out the top five.

Gordon, Holbert, and Hardesty, of Oakland, were the heat race winners.

Stoystown’s Denny Perigo grabbed the lead, early, in his GRS No. 114 E-Mod, and he led all 15 laps to score his third win of the season. This marked Perigo’s eighth win throughout the last two seasons at Roaring Knob.  Latrobe, PA’s Nick Cramer made strong advances from his fifth starting position to claim the runner-up spot. Fairmont’s Vic Vandergrift stormed his way frontward from the seventh starting position but could only advance as far as third. Fairmont’s Jacob Hawkins, who just recently won the UMP Late Model event at Eldora Speedway, finished fourth, and Graysville, PA’s Denny Nakutis finished fifth.

Vandergrift won the heat race.

A strong field of 18 Street Stock drivers made three attempts to start the race, but multiple cautions on the first lap slowed things, drastically. Jason Gibbs, the pole sitter, was involved in an early skirmish. Likewise, Scott Bittinger, Jim Byers, Scott Spade, and a host of others, did not go unscathed in early-race dust-ups. This forced track officials to order a single-file initial start. Multiple spins and altercations, again, forced track officials to end the race at six laps due to time constraints.

When the dust settled, Farmington, PA’s Marty Spade parked his No. 18 Monte Carlo in Victory Lane for the second time this season. “This race ending early was a blessing for me,” Spade said. “My car developed a bad vibration, and I’m not sure it would have lasted the entire 15 laps,” he explained. Spade led all six laps.  Dunbar, PA’s Nelson finished second, and McClellandtown, PA’s Byers recovered to finish third. Masontown, PA’s Michael Duritsky, Jr., took fourth and Lemont Furnace, PA’s Ryan Newman claimed fifth.

Newman and Byers were the heat race winners.

Shawn Smith led the first half of the Chargers event, but the story came in the form of John Redshaw of Farmington. Redshaw started seventh by virtue of being the prior week’s winner. On lap four, Redshaw made a daring move in turn two as he passed J.T. Baird and Ken Burkholder on the inside to take second place. Three laps later, Redshaw moved underneath Miller in turn four to claim the lead. Redshaw held the lead for the remainder of the way, despite a last-ditch effort by Miller on the final lap. Redshaw claimed his second win in a row in his Monte Carlo, while Miller, of Confluence, PA, came up just a bit short at the line to finish second. Uniontown’s Baird took third while Confluence’s Cody Colflesh took fourth.  Kyle Burkholder, of Mill Run, PA, rounded out the top five.

Redshaw and Smith won the heat races.

Somerset’s Jarred Barclay slipped underneath leader, David Friend, with a half-lap remaining to claim his third win of the season at the Knob in the Roadrunner division. He was driving a Chevy Cobalt. Friend, of Connellsville, finished second. Friend led the first 11 laps of the race, but it was nowhere near a runaway for him as he and drivers, including Nick Iski, Barclay, Ryan Peer, Paul Koffler, III and Paul Koffler, Jr., diced up things throughout the top six. Iski, of Cresaptown, MD, finished a close third followed by West Leisenring’s Koffler in fourth. Koffler’s son, Paul Koffler, III, of Connellsville, took fifth.

Barclay and Peer, of Ridgley, WV, won the heat races.

Six mechanics races were conducted at the end of the evening. Winners were Revvin Ron, Super Late Models; Aaron Wells, Crate Late Models; Bill Noll, E-Mods; Ralph McClain, Street Stocks; Joe Pluta, Chargers and Brian Dillinger, Roadrunners.

Action resumes at Roaring Knob, Saturday. All six divisions will be in action, which features a 20-lap special event for the Roadrunner division. Pit gates open at 4:30 p.m., spectator gates open at 5 p.m., and hot laps are slated for 6:45 p.m.

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Super Late Models: 1. Billy Holbert, 2. Bob Gordon, 3. Shane Hitt, 4. Ron Delano, Jr., 5. Scott Rhodes, 6. Mel Minnick, Jr., 7. Tim Senic, 8. Cody Hardesty, 9. Brian Tavenner, 10. Quintin Wyandt, 11. Chuck Clise, 12. Danny Mitchell, 13. Greg Gellner, 14. Bob Hershman, 15. Chuck Harper, 16. Danny Pugh, 17. Paul Stubber, 18. Andy Spooner, 19. Jim Pyles, 20. Bob Foote, 21. Brandon Delano, 22. D.J. Troutman

High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Crate Late Models: (Twin No. 1) 1. Michael Lake, 2. Chad McClellan, 3. John Over, 4. Ken Herman, 5. Louie Krushansky, 6. Troy Shields, 7. Jeff Compton, 8. Rick Meglaye, 9. Greg Hauger, 10. Bob Gordon, 11. Greg Lemley, 12. Jeremy Zufall, 13. Vince Masi, Jr., 14. Joey Jenkins, 15. Dylan Lewis, 16. Jonathan Sines, 17. Mike Lewis, 18. Rich Logan, 19. Russell Baird, Jr., 20. Jennae Piper

High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Crate Late Models: (Twin No. 2) 1. Dylan Lewis, 2. Rick Meglaye, 3. Bob Gordon, 4. Greg Lemley, 5. Troy Shields, 6. Jeff Compton, 7. Joey Jenkins, 8. Jeremy Zufall, 9. John Over, 10. Mike Lewis, 11. Louie Krushansky, 12. Michael Lake, 13. Ken Herman, 14. Vince Masi, Jr., 15. Greg Hauger, 16. Jennae Piper, 17. Russell Baird, Jr., 18. Jonathan Sines, 19. Chad McClellan DNS: Rich Logan

Krause Electric E-Mods: 1. Denny Perigo, 2. Nick Cramer, 3. Vic Vandergrift, 4. Jacob Hawkins, 5. Denny Nakutis, 6. Ron Howard, 7. Bruce Dreistadt, 8. Jim Pyles

Penn Summitt Insurance Agency Street Stocks: 1. Marty Spade, 2. Bob Nelson, 3. Jim Byers, 4. Michael Duritsky, Jr., 5. Ryan Newman, 6. Vigi Zuccolotto, 7. Jim Saylor, 8. Barry Farris, 9. Mike Duritsky, 10. Charlie McClain, 11. Steve Settle, 12. Herb Karlinsey, 13. Shane Sanders, 14. Scott Bittinger, 15. Jason Gibbs, 16. Scott Spade, 17. Bill Pluta, 18. Jamie Kohan

Fort Necessity Garage Chargers: 1. John Redshaw, 2. Shawn Smith, 3. J.T. Baird, 4. Cody Colflesh, 5. Kyle Burkholder, 6. Ken Burkholder, 7. Erick Miller, 8. Michael Ott, 9. Justin Howell, 10. Brad Nesline, 11. Dan Jackson, 12. Tyler Alkire, 13. Allen Fortney, 14. Brad Jenkins

Newt’s York Bar 4-Cylinder Roadrunners: 1. Jarred Barclay, 2. David Friend, 3. Nick Iski, 4. Paul Koffler, Jr., 5. Paul Koffler, III, 6. Cindy Rhodes, 7. Neil Bauer, Jr., 8. Ed Leonard, 9. Keith Deeter, 10. Steve Frazier, 11. Todd Detrick, 12. Steve Riggleman, 13. Dustin Detrick, 14. Ryan Peer

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