(Markleysburg, Pennsylvania-Sept. 14, 2013)-It may have been a cool night at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex, Saturday, but Tim Senic turned up the wick by scoring his second straight Super Late Model victory at the facility with a flag-to-flag win. The Elkins, West Virginia racer held off Austin Hubbard, and a strong field 23 competitors, to score his fifth win at the Markleysburg facility, this season. The win increased his points lead to 33 markers over Scott Rhodes with the final points race coming up on Oct. 5.

Senic won his heat race, earlier in the evening, and the “heads up” pill inversion draw put him on the pole for the 25-lap event. He got the jump on Mel Minnick, Jr. on the onset, but contact from Minnick at the completion of lap one temporarily had Senic sideways on the front stretch. “After that contact, I knew I had to get up top where my car would run better,” Senic said in Victory Lane. Despite the contact, Senic was able to pull ahead of Minnick into turn one on the second lap. He pulled ahead of Minnick, but Hubbard began to make his presence known.

Hubbard, who was substituting for Brandon Delano in the No. 26 Mastersbilt, moved by Minnick for second on lap four. Senic held a decent lead on Hubbard until the two encountered lapped traffic on lap 14. Hubbard gained ground on Senic a bit as the two weaved through lapped cars, but things went horribly wrong for Hubbard on lap 21. As Hubbard attempted to lap Robby Marhefka on the back stretch, the two made contact, sending Hubbard into the wall. Marhefka and Hubbard retired from the event with damage.

Somerset’s Scott Rhodes had moved from his fourth-starting position to second on the restart; however, Rhodes had nothing for Senic as the prior week’s King of the Knob winner moved away from Rhodes on the restart. Senic held onto the lead for the final four circuits to claim victory. “My car could handle just about anywhere I wanted to go,” Senic said with a smile after the race. “”I’m really looking forward to the Big Kahuna race, here, in two weeks,” he added.

Rhodes finished second. Hyndman, Pennsylvania’s D.J. Troutman put forth a great effort to finish third. He started sixth and solidly worked his way toward the front throughout the event. Likewise, Stoystown, Pennsylvania’s Ron Delano, Jr. put in a great effort. He started the race, 12th, and moved his way frontward to finish fourth. Minnick, of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, held on to finish fifth. The three heat races were won by Senic, Minnick and Hubbard.

Uniontown, Pennsylvania’s Michael Lake and Hesston, Pennsylvania’s Rick Singleton delighted the crowd with hard-fought battle in the RUSH Late Model event. The tandem recorded four official lead changes in the 20-lap race before Lake emerged to claim his fourth win at the facility. The two drivers won their respective head races and shared the front row for the feature event.

Lake led the first three laps, but Singleton moved by for the top spot on lap four. The multi-year veteran held onto the top spot for 11 circuits until the 12-year-old phenom re-took the top spot on lap 15. Lake held the lead for two laps until Singleton moved underneath to re-capture the lead. Lake was not finished, yet, as he used a cross-over maneuver on lap 18 to take the lead for good. Lake finished a car length in front of Singleton as the checkered flag fell. Singleton finished second, and Stoystown’s Chad McClellan finished third. Keyser, West Virginia’s Bob Gordon took fourth and Uniontown’s Russell Baird, Jr. rounded out the top five.

Morgantown, West Virginia’s Deana Groves led every lap of the E-Mod race to capture her seventh 2013 victory and fourth at the Knob. She held off Galeton, Pennsylvania’s Darren Tarabori, who finished second. Graysville, Pennsylvania’s Denny Nakutis finished third as he continues to hold the points lead.  Newburg, West Virginia’s Jim Pyles claimed fourth and Schellsburg, Pennsylvania’s Justin Milburn completed the top five. Groves won the heat race. Groves made off-track news, this week, as she announced that 2013 could possibly be her last year of competition. In Victory Lane she indicated she wanted to spend more time concentrating on family and furthering her education.

Uniontown’s Greg Hauger led every lap of the Street Stock event to claim his apparent first win of the season. His car failed post-race inspection, and he was disqualified. This awarded the win to Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania’s Joe Kelley, who had originally finished second. Points leader Jim Byers, of McClellandtown, Pennsylvania, finished second. Mount Lake Park, Maryland’s Scott Bittinger finished third followed by Dunbar, Pennsylvania’s Bob Nelson in fourth. Farmington, Pennsylvania’s Marty Spade claimed fifth. Bittinger and Hauger won the heat races.

The Charger race proved exciting as four drivers took a turn leading the race before Farmington’s John Redshaw claimed his fifth victory of the season. Smithfield, Pennsylvania’s Justin Howell led the first two laps, but defending champion Ken Burkholder, of Mill Run, Pennsylvania, claimed the top spot on lap three. He held it for two laps until he spun in turn four. This handed the lead back to Howell, who held the top spot until he was passed by Uniontown’s J.T. Baird on lap nine. Redshaw had started the race in seventh and he caught Baird on lap 11. The two drove side-by-side into the first turn, and Baird slowed due to mechanical issues. Redshaw led the final lap to claim the win. Howell finished second, and Mill Run’s Kyle Burkholder, the points leader, finished third. Ursina, Pennsylvania’s C.J. Nicola took fourth, and Ken Burkholder rebounded to finish fifth. Baird and Redshaw were the heat race winners.

Robert Pease, of Derry, Pennsylvania, made his first-ever visit to Roaring Knob a memorable one. He led every lap in his No. 1B machine to win the Roadrunner event. Ridgeley, West Virginia’s Ryan Peer finished second, and points leader Paul Koffler, Jr., of West Leisenring, Pennsylvania, claimed third. Stoystown’s Andrew Pluta took fourth, and West Leisenring’s Steve Settle rounded out the top five. Pluta and Pease won the heat races.

Powder Puff racing capped off the night. Stacy Tressler in Jason Gibbs’s car; Mindy Miller in Robert Miller’s car and Angel Hill in Jeremy Hill’s car were the divisional winners.

Racing returns to Roaring Knob in two weeks with a big two-day show on Friday, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Sept. 28.  The Three State Flyers Late Model Series will return for the Big Kahuna. The Flyers will compete in two complete shows with the first paying $2,000 to win, Friday, and the second paying $5,000 to win, Saturday. The RUSH Late Model Series will be on hand for a $2,000 to-win event. Mod-Lites, Street Stocks, Chargers and Roadrunners will join the RUSH Series for a two-day show. Jamie Lathroum is the defending champion of the Big Kahuna. Several of the area’s best Super Late Model drivers are expected to be in attendance for the event as the Flyers will also crown its champion, Saturday, in the Series’ final race of the season. Please log onto in the coming days for more information.

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Super Late Models: 1. Tim Senic, 2. Scott Rhodes, 3. D.J. Troutman, 4. Ron Delano, Jr., 5. Mel Minnick, Jr., 6. Bob Gordon, 7. Gary Gellner, 8. L.C. Powers, 9. Quintin Wyandt, 10. Kyle Hardy, 11. Steve Gibney, 12. Chris Rhodes, 13. Danny Pugh, 14. Jason Fosnaught, 15. Bobby Watt, 16. Joe Zulisky, 17. Jim Strubble, 18. Shane Hitt, 19. Austin Hubbard, 20. Robby Marhefka, 21. Greg Tressler, 22. Dan Swartzlander DNS: Jason Miller

High Gear Speed Shop RUSH Late Models: 1. Michael Lake, 2. Rick Singleton, 3. Chad McClellan, 4. Bob Gordon, 5. Russell Baird, Jr., 6.  Corey Metheny, 7. Jeremy Zufall, 8. Vince Masi, Jr., 9. Jennae Piper, 10. Ken Herman, 11. Dylan Lewis, 12. Jonathan Sines, 13. Brian Rankin, 14. Louie Krushansky, 15. Joey Jenkins

Krause Electric E-Mods: 1. Deana Groves, 2. Darren Tarabori, 3. Denny Nakutis, 4. Jim Pyles, 5. Justin Milburn, 6. Junior Payne, 7. Ron Howard, 8. Matt Fulton

Penn Summit Insurance Agency Street Stocks: 1. Joe Kelley, 2. Jim Byers, 3. Scott Bittinger, 4. Bob Nelson, 5. Marty Spade, 6. Bob Neratka, 7. Barry Farris, 8. Jason Gibbs, 9. Teresa Vaughn, 10. Shane Sanders, 11. Jim Bendishaw, 12. Herb Karlinsey, 13. Michael Duritsky, Jr., 14. Mike Duritsky, 15. Scott Spade DQ: Greg Hauger

Fort Necessity Garage Chargers: 1. John Redshaw, 2. Justin Howell, 3. Kyle Burkholder, 4. C.J. Nicola, 5. Ken Burkholder, 6. Mike Ott, 7. Eric Miller, 8. David Beahr, 9. J.T. Baird, 10. Donny Walters, 11. Shawn Smith, 12. Brad Nesline, 13. Terry Mitchell, 14. Dan Jackson DNS: Charlie Bittinger and Cody Colflesh

Newt’s York Bar 4-Cylinder Roadrunners: 1. Robert Pease, 2. Ryan Peer, 3. Paul Koffler, Jr., 4. Andrew Pluta, 5. Steve Settle, 6. David Friend, 7. Brandon Conrad, 8. Neil Bauer, 9. Todd Detrick, 10. Steve Riggleman, 11. Jeremy Hill, 12. Doug Hostetler, 13. Cindy Rhodes, 14. Ed Detrick, 15. Chris Shoemaker, 16. Mark Seiler, 17. Dustin Detrick, 18. Nick Zborovancik

Powder Puff winners: Stacy Tressler, Mindy Miller and Angel Hill

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