(Markleysburg, Pennsylvania, Sept. 28, 2013)-Thirteen is a number believed to be unlucky, but York, Pennsylvania’s Rick Eckert disproved that theory as he claimed the Big Kahuna XIII Three State Flyers victory, Saturday, at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex.

Eckert, in the Paul Crowl-owned No. 7 machine, grabbed the lead from Rochester Mills, Pennsylvania’s Gregg Satterlee on lap 41 of the 60-lap event. Satterlee and Eckert battled side-by-side and nose-to-tail for the majority of the event. Satterlee used the top side while Eckert ran on the bottom of the track. Satterlee, who started the race from the second spot, grabbed the lead from Jamie Lathroum on lap one. Thompson, Pennsylvania’s Dan Stone moved by Lathroum to grab second spot and he trailed Satterlee until lap 21. Eckert, who started seventh, advanced his way through the field and overtook Stone on lap 22.

At that point, Eckert set his sights on Satterlee. The two engaged in a heated battle and virtually ran side-by-side for many laps. Eckert grabbed the lead from Satterlee on a lap-41 restart. He led the final 19 laps to claim the $5,000 payday and his career-first Three State Flyers victory. Eckert swept the weekend as he won the $2,000 Roaring Knob-sanctioned Super Late Model event, Friday. “My car could run high and low, just about anywhere I wanted it. It was fun to race like that,” said Eckert in Victory Lane.

Satterlee, the 2012 Three State Flyers champion, finished second. Greensburg, Pennsylvania’s Davey Johnson advanced his way from 13th to finish third. Stone slid back a spot to take fourth, and Winchester, Virginia’s Kyle Hardy had a strong run to round out the top five. Milton, Delaware’s Mark Pettyjohn won the 2013 Three State Flyers championship in the series’ season finale. Pettyjohn entered the race 46 points ahead of defending Flyers champion, Jason Covert. Pettyjohn finished a disappointing 16th in the race, but Covert finished 17th. Pettyjohn won four Flyers races this season. “This is my first championship, and it feels very good. I’m honored to be the champion of this series,” Pettyjohn said.

 Bristol, West Virginia’s Mike Benedum set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 15.763 seconds among the 37 entries. The four heat races were claimed by Benedum, Stone, Satterlee and Eckert. South Park, Pennsylvania’s Keith Barbara won the B-Main.

Stoystown, Pennsylvania’s Chad McClellan worked his way through the field in convincing fashion to claim the Bill Hendren Memorial RUSH Late Model Series event. This marked McClellan’s second tour victory of 2013. Greensburg’s Dan Angelicchio led the first 24 circuits. McClellan recovered from a spin earlier in the race to overtake Anglicchio on lap 25. McClellan led the final five circuits to grab the checkers. This also marked McClellan’s sixth victory of 2013 at Roaring Knob. Angelicchio finished second, and Acme, Pennsylvania’s Troy Shields finished third. Tracy’s Landing, Maryland’s John Imler was fourth, and Mars, Pennsylvania’s Lambert rounded out the top five.

Three heats among the 21 entries were held, Friday. Heat winners were Saltsburg, Pennsylvania’s Andrew Wylie, McClellan and Fairmont, West Virginia’s Ryan Montgomery. Wylie set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 16.895 seconds. Saturday’s dash was claimed by Angelicchio.

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania’s Joe Kelley led flag-to-flag to win the Street Stock race and his third of the season at the Knob. Dunbar, Pennsylvania’s Bob Nelson finished second, and Farmington, Pennsylvania’s Marty Spade took third. Points leader Jim Byers, of McClellandtown, Pennsylvania, took fourth and Cairnbrook, Pennsylvania’s Bill Pluta claimed fifth. Friday’s heat races were claimed by Byers and Kelley. Byers was fastest in qualifying with an 18.555 seconds lap. Kelley also won the dash.

J.T. Baird, of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, led every lap to win the Charger event for his fourth win of the season. Farmington’s John Redshaw took second, and Confluence, Pennsylvania’s Shawn Smith claimed third. Smithfield, Pennsylvania’s Justin Howell finished fourth and points leader, Kyle Burkholder, of Mill Run, Pennsylvania, claimed fifth. Friday’s heat race was claimed by Redshaw, who also timed fastest in qualifying with a lap of 20.065 seconds. Baird won the dash

West Leisenring, Pennsylvania’s Paul Koffler, Jr., took the lead from David Friend on lap six to win his eighth Roadrunner feature of 2013 at the Knob. Koffler enters the final points race of the season, Saturday, as the points leader. Uniontown’s Cody Quarrick finished second, and West Leisenring’s Steve Settle finished third. Friend, of Connellsville, Pennsylvania, took fourth and Hopwood, Pennsylvania’s Todd Detrick finished fifth. Friday’s heat winners were Settle and Friend.

Somerset, Pennsylvania’s Mikey Hay dominated the Mod-Lite 20-lap event en-route to victory. Zanesville, Ohio’s Tracy Fritter took second, and Salisbury, Maryland’s Tim White finished third. Apollo, Pennsylvania Brian Woodhall claimed fourth, and Dawson, Pennsylvania’s Braeden Dillinger finished fifth. Friday’s heat races were claimed by Fritter, Hay and Buckhannon, West Virginia’s Shane Hitt. Fritter was fasters in qualifying with an 18.431 second lap.

Roaring Knob Speedway will holds its final points races of the season, Saturday, as six divisional champions will be crowned. The Super Late Models, Rush Late Models, E-Mods, Street Stocks, Chargers and Roadrunners will be in action. Pit gates will open at 4:30 p.m., and spectator gates open at 5 p.m. Hot laps are scheduled for 6:45 p.m.

Three State Flyers Big Kahuna XIII Super Late Models: 1. Rick Eckert, 2. Gregg Satterlee, 3. Davey Johnson, 4.Dan Stone, 5. Kyle Hardy, 6. Kenny Pettyjohn, 7. Mason Zeigler, 8. Mike Benedum, 9. Ron Delano, Jr., 10. Dylan Yoder, 11. D.J. Troutman, 12. Jared Hawkins, 13. Mel Minnick, Jr., 14. Chad Hollenbeck, 15. Mike Lupfer, 16. Mark Pettyjohn, 17. Jason Covert, 18. Jeremy Miller, 19. Jamie Lathroum, 20. Keith Barbara, 21. Tim Senic, 22. Scott Rhodes, 23. Dale Hollidge, 24. Jared Miley

Heat Race No. 1 (Top five transferred)-1. Mike Benedum, 2. Mason Zeigler, 3. Chad Hollenbeck, 4. Davey Johnson, 5. D.J. Troutman, 6. Devin Friese, 7. John Garvin, 8. Jason Covert, 9. Scott Rhodes, 10. Bob Gordon

Heat Race No. 2 (Top five transferred)- 1. Dan Stone, 2. Ron Delano, Jr., 3. Kyle Hardy, 4. Jeremy Miller, 5. Mark Pettyjohn, 6. Keith Barbara,  7. David Williams, 8.  Jerry Bard, 9. Chuck Harper

Heat Race No. 3. (Top five transferred)- 1. Gregg Satterlee, 2. Tim Senic, 3. Jim Yoder, 4. Dale Hollidge, 5. Mike Lupfer, 6. Jim Yoder, 7. Quintin Wyandt, 8. Brandon Delano, 9. Nick Dickson

Heat Race No. 4 (Top five transferred)- 1. Rick Eckert, 2. Jamie Lathroum, 3. Jared Hawkins, 4. Kenny Pettyjohn, 5. Mel Minnick, Jr., 6. Jared Miley, 7. Brian Tavenner, 8. L.C. Powers, 9. Jacob Hawkins

B-Main- 1. Keith Barbara, 2. Jared Miley, 3. John Garvin, 4. Jim Yoder, 5. Devin Friese, 6. Quintin Wyandt, 7. David Williams, 8. Brian Tavenner, 9. Jason Covert, 10. Chuck Harper, 11. L.C. Powers, 12. Jacob Hawkins, 13. Brandon Delano, 14. Scott Rhodes, 15. Jerry Bard, 16. Nick Dickson, 17. Bob Gordon

Jason Covert and Scott Rhodes were the provisional starters

RUSH Late Models- 1. Chad McClellan, 2. Dan Angelicchio, 3. Troy Shields, 4. John Imler, 5. Butch Lambert, 6. Ryan Montgomery, 7. Jeff Ferguson, 8. Garret Paugh, 9. Mike Pegher, Jr., 10. Bob Gordon, 11. Troy Frazier, 12. W.L. Stile, 13. Brian Rankin, 14. Nico Dabecco, 15. Cody Dawson, 16. Russell Baird, Jr., 17. Ken Herman, 18. Scott Tessman, 19. Corey Metheney, 20. Andrew Wylie, 21. Michael Lake

Penn Summitt Insurance Agency Street Stocks- 1. Joey Kelley, 2. Bob Nelson, 3. Marty Spade, 4. Jim Byers, 5. Bill Pluta, 6. Jason Gibbs, 7. Michael Duritsky, Jr., 8. Kevin Collins, 9. Jim Bendishaw, 10. Steve Settle, 11. Herb Karlinsey, 12. Shane Sanders, 13. Mike Desch, 14. Shawn Davis, 15. Vigi Zuccolotto

Fort Necessity Garage Chargers- 1. J.T. Baird, 2. John Redshaw, 3. Shawn Smith, 4. Justin Howell, 5. Kyle Burkholder, 6. Ken Burkholder, 7. Eric Miller, 8. Cody Colflesh, 9. Mike Ott

Newt’s York Bar 4-Cylinder Roadrunners- 1. Paul Koffler, Jr., 2. Cody Quarrick, 3. Steve Settle, 4. David Friend, 5. Todd Detrick, 6. Ed Leonard, 7. Coty Marsh, 8. Cindy Rhodes, 9. Megan Mann, 10. Ed Detrick, 11. Dustin Detrick, 12. Paul Koffler, III, 13. Howard Williams

STARS Mod-Lites- 1. Mikey Hay, 2. Tracy Fritter, 3. Tim White, 4. Brian Woodhall, 5. Braeden Dillinger, 6. Matt Hay, 7. Mitch Ward, 8. Darin Gallagher, 9. Matt Cain, 10. Troy Gum, 11. Glen Teeter, 12. J.C. White, 13. Zak Kimbrew, 14. Chris Frank, 15. Eric Hay, 16. Don Cain, 17. Alan Knepper, 18. Mark Cottrell, 19. Shane Hitt, 20. Ron Parrish, 21. John Decker, 22. Lynn Knepper, 23. Jeff Fornash

Friday’s Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Super Late Model Feature: 1. Rick Eckert, 2. Davey Johnson, 3. Mason Zeigler, 4. Kenny Pettyjohn, 5. Jamie Lathroum, 6. Gregg Satterlee, 7. Dale Hollidge, 8. Kyle Hardy, 9. Dan Stone, 10. Mike Benedum, 11. Jason Covert, 12. Ron Delano, Jr., 13. Jared Hawkins, 14. Tim Senic, 15. David Williams, 16. Chuck Harper, 17. Jared Miley, 18. Scott Rhodes, 19. Greg Gellner, 20. Quintin Wyandt, 21. Bob Gordon, 22. John Garvin, 23. Keith Barbara, 24. Jeremy Miller


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